IR Website Checklist

To evaluate a corporate website, especially the investor relations section, one approach is the “checklist.” More than a checklist, actually – we can look at a long list of potential items, assess the quality of each and compare to peer companies.

Here’s a list of about 40 items relevant to investors. Some of these overlap, and I’m not suggesting that a website needs to have all of them – they are examples of site components that may be useful to investors. See also my blog post on websites


  • Investor content, explicit or implicit, on home page
  • One-click link to get to investor information page
  • Corporate branding: How does your company bring value into the world?
  • Search engine for website


  • Title of page: “Investors” … “Investor Information” … “Investor Relations”
  • Clear introduction to company, brief statement on your value proposition
  • Industry-appropriate, high-quality look & feel
  • Search engine for website – penetrating into specific IR information
  • Links to all information of interest to investors (examples follow)


  • “About Us” or “About XYZ Co.”
  • CEO video and/or letter
  • CEO or investor relations blog
  • Vision, mission statement or values
  • Fact sheet
  • Investment points
  • Investor FAQ
  • Map & description of locations or geographic markets
  • Corporate governance page & supporting policies
  • Corporate social responsibility & sustainability section


  • Press releases: recent & archived, possibly more than one format
  • SEC filings, possibly by type
  • Annual reports, possibly more than one format
  • Financial highlights or “Fundamentals” page
  • Business segment or product breakdown – with revenue & operating profit?
  • R&D pipeline (where shareholder value depends on innovative products)
  • Monthly sales data if appropriate
  • Stock price & volume data, stock chart


  • Proxy & annual meeting information
  • Calendar of events & presentations, past & future
  • Webcast replays of conference calls
  • Slides from presentations
  • Podcasts for investors
  • Financial calendar: earnings dates, dividend dates


  • IR contact information: names, numbers & emails
  • IR information request form
  • Company headquarters address & phone number
  • Email alerts sign-up
  • RSS feed
  • Twitter, other social media links if applicable
  • Comment/question form
  • Transfer agent/shareholder services contact information
  • Stock purchase plan


  • Company history
  • Dividend history
  • Stock information (history)


  • List of analysts who cover company
  • Earnings estimates via third-party provider
  • Reprints or links to articles in news media (consider disclaimer about third-party information or exiting the company site)
  • Link to third-party information provider (consider disclaimer about third-party information or exiting the company site)

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