Hotties of investor relations

OK, this is not my usual earnest, well-reasoned post. Just so you’re forewarned: Here’s a bit of summer fluff. And this may be in bad taste, or even sexist.

Sex appeal isn’t an aspect of investor relations I ever considered, well, an aspect of investor relations. I’ve always thought of IR professionals as a cross between accountants and sales people – perhaps smooth talking but not all that sexy. I’ve met a few attractive IROs, but most of us are “interesting,” with nice personalities.

So imagine my shock – shock! – when I was scanning Dealbreaker, the gossipy tabloid-style Wall Street blog, and saw a headline that begins “Here Are Some Current IR Girls …” (I told you this could get sexist.)

What could I do? I had to click through, and it turns out New York Magazine has been all over this story – identifying the “hotties” of investor relations with a focus on the world of hedge funds. The young women, mostly shown in party pics, are in fact doing IR or business development or sales for asset management firms.

Now, for the other side of the story, it turns out New York also published a feature on male hotties of Wall Street – though the men pictured in expensive Tribeca apartments seem to include many whose titles indicate they actually manage assets, rather than just trying to catch the eye of people with bazillions to invest.

Well, there it is: Sex appeal and investor relations. Who would have guessed it?

(Please don’t cancel your subscription. This is as racy as IR Café will get.)

Hope you’re taking time out to have a little fun this summer!

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One Response to “Hotties of investor relations”

  1. celest Says:

    Please don’t apologize for this post. I think it’s refreshing!

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