IR as a roadmap

Roadmap NJ-NYYou gotta love Global Positioning Systems – finding almost anything, guiding you through the streets, offering data to get you to your destination. And you don’t have to fold them back up, like the roadmaps people used in the old days.

I thought about roadmaps – and their GPS counterparts – as I was working on a strategy for communicating a company’s value to investors.

We need to provide roadmaps to our investors, to enable them to envision our destination and see the path the company is taking. A few broad examples:

  • Investors need to see the path back to financial health for most companies coming through the recession. How will the P&L improve, through cost cuts or recovery in revenues? What steps are we taking, and when will we get there? Where do we need to take the balance sheet? (See earlier post on recovery IR.)
  • Investors in biopharma and other R&D-based companies need to understand the path for commercializing new drugs or high-tech products. What’s the process? Where are the challenges? How will we navigate them? What’s the timeline, and will investors see the mileposts along the way?
  • Investors in companies affected by government policy changes – health care reform, cap and trade, tax increases on dividends, you name it – need to visualize the different routes their investments may take depending on what Washington does in specific areas.

We, of course, are the map makers (or people who load data into the GPS devices).

Investor relations professionals should think more about roadmaps. A good map would tell investors where we are, what the destination is, and how we plan to get from here to there. We can’t assume investors – especially those new to a company – know the road. To create understanding, we must craft the clearest possible explanations of how our companies are moving forward to reach our goals.

The analogy to roadmaps suggests one more thing: We should also try hard to give visual expression to key investor messages. Seeing how a company intends to create value adds persuasive power to the verbal explanation of the strategy.

Do you have any examples of useful “roadmaps” in the financial or strategic realm?


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