New feature: ‘Browse by topic’

Over the weekend I tinkered with this blog a bit to add an index by subjects – under the heading “Browse by topic” in the right-hand column.

Not a big change and not sexy looking, just a small enhancement aiming to make IR Café more useful and easier to navigate. The idea is that if you’re interested in, say, M&A communications you can click on that and get an archive of posts relating to that subject – without a whole lot of clicking around.

In the process, I made subject names more specific for all past posts. Of course, you can still use the search box in the upper right to search by key word – for example, earnings guidance or conference calls, which aren’t separate subjects.

Two goals for anyone with influence over a website are to make it useful and usable. As investor relations professionals, we should regularly look at our company websites to see if we can improve the IR sections against those standards.

Please let me know if this minor change helps you – or certainly if it causes any unintended problems. By all means, pass along any ideas for improvements.


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