More on bear market IR

Over on IR Web Report, a consistently informative source on all things online, Dominic Jones kindly refers readers to this blog (see Oct. 6 post) – and adds his own useful insights. He endorses the value of staying in front of investors but notes that the Web offers new, low-cost ways to do so:

Technologies like blogs, podcasts, vodcasts and Twitter enable everyone from the CEO to workers on the shop floor to tell the company’s story. And often their voices, real and unrefined by the corporate PR machine, have much more credibility than sanitized, over-massaged press releases.

Putting a human face on the corporation, he adds, is critical:

… if you want to give your company an edge in this market, you’d do well to remember that investors are also buying into a business run by real peopleGet those people out in front of investors, not just in person in small group meetings or one-on-ones, but out on the web as well.

My thought is that IROs might take advantage of a depressed time (and the CEO/CFO’s reluctance to go on the road and meet depressed investors?) by moving forward with IR 2.0. Dominic’s blog archive is a good place to start researching more interactive forms of communication – and preparing a case for management and legal to embrace the trend toward online IR.


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